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PCR and Rapid COVID Testing

PCR Testing Labs offers more than just the PCR test. Our medical team can also administer the rapid antigen test, which provides results in approximately 12 minutes. You can receive results within 48 hours or 24 hours for our PCR testing if it is expedited. What makes these services even better is these tests are available anywhere in the Denver metro area. Get tested in the comfort of your own home, your apartment, a workplace, or the airport. The choice is yours!

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PCR Testing Labs can test you with the PCR or rapid antigen test. Both of these tests are performed by our professional and experienced medical team.

Medical Professionals Testing

The team at PCR Testing Labs are medical professionals who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They’ll use their experience and their intensive training to administer your COVID-19 test safely. We use gloves and masks while performing the test to ensure you remain safe. Learn more by calling us today.

12-Minute Results

Rapid Testing

At PCR Testing Labs, we administer rapid antigen tests, which provide results in about 12 minutes. This test is extremely accurate and offers you a fast answer to your symptoms. You can receive this test the same day you call us or schedule an appointment for another day.

The Golden Standard of Testing

PCR Testing

The PCR test is the golden standard for COVID-19 testing. It provides the results you need to fly internationally. We can get the results for your PCR test within 48 hours or 24 hours if the process is expedited. This is the most accurate test option available. 

Anywhere in Denver

Mobile Tests

PCR Testing Labs is a mobile lab, meaning we can travel anywhere you are in the Denver metro area. We’ll travel to your location and test you right there. You don’t have to travel out to the facility or medical center. Instead, we handle all the traveling.

Why Choose PCR Testing Labs

PCR Testing Labs is capable of offering a lot of convenience for our patients. Of course, there is a lot more as to why you should choose our team over others:

Experienced Medical Team

The team at PCR Testing Labs is who you need when getting tested. They have the experience and training to perform it correctly.

Testing Anywhere in the Denver metro area

We understand you may not want to leave your home you can’t travel yourself, so our mobile services are perfect.

Safety Guidelines and Procedures

The safety guidelines for our medical team are strict and designed to reduce the amount of contact you have with them for your safety.

How to Stop the Spread

COVID Testing

Getting tested is one of the best methods of preventing the spread of the virus. Our team is dedicated to that cause. Let our team help you get tested with the PCR or antigen test.

Wash Your Hands

You should wash your hands anytime you are handling food, after going out into public, or going to the bathroom. Use warm water, soap, and wash for at least 20 seconds.

Social Distance

Do your best to distance yourself from those who do not live in your household. This includes family members and friends with who you do not live. Keep a minimum of 6 feet in order to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Disinfect Surfaces

Clean high traffic areas in your own home. Doorknobs, keyboards, remotes, and cabinet doors are common places to touch, so use a disinfectant spray on them regularly.

Wear a Mask

When you and others wear a mask around each other, you can reduce the spread of COVID-19 significantly. Make sure your mask is covering your mouth and nose. Wear it around those who do not live in your household. 

Cover Cough & Sneeze

Always cover any coughs or sneezes you may have. You can do this by using a tissue, your elbow, or even your mask. This will prevent the number of air particles in the air and stop the spread of COVID-19.

"PCR Testing Labs has tested me three or four times now becasue I travel frequently for work. They always know what they are doing."

– Marcus F.

"Their testing services are convenient because I didn't have to leave my apartment. They came to me and got it done in no time."

– Ellen R.